Headless Shakespeare Press channels SOME STRANGE DISTURBANCES by Craig Hurd-McKenney, Gervasio & Carlos Aon via Kickstarter

LGBTQ and POC experiences reflected through a Victorian Horror lens

Headless Shakespeare Press is proud to announce its return to publishing with SOME STRANGE DISTURBANCES, a Victorian horror comic by Craig Hurd-McKenney, Gervasio & Carlos Aon with a cover by Tyler Smith-Owings.

“It’s always nice to remind ourselves how close we still are to oppressive societal forces. With SOME STRANGE DISTURBANCES set against the Oscar Wilde trial, readers can see the experience of several marginalized communities. I’m hoping that the parallels to our current climate are not lost on anyone, but more importantly, I’m hoping that people will realize we can all successfully fight the darkness in our lives, whatever it may be,” said Hurd-McKenney.

For more information on the project and to back, please visit the recently-launched Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/headshake/some-strange-disturbances?ref=user_menu

Headless Shakespeare Press has been doing zines and comics since 2000. It returned to publishing after a thirteen year hiatus in 2018 with THE MAGIC IF 2nd Edition (art by Gervasio, Aon including a new short story with art by Melisa Jones and a new cover by Tyler Smith-Owings) and the complete THE BRONTES: INFERNAL ANGRIA, a 2004 Xeric Grant recipient, with art by the esteemed Rick Geary.

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For more information, please visit www.hspcomix.com.